Hotoda Michael Hope Vocalist- 2019 - 2020 Performance Schedule
Micheal Hope Vocalist

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Michael’s Concert Schedule

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Michael's live performances were temporarily postponed. However, in order to continue sharing as much music as possible, Michael released new video performances of his favorite songs and pieces!

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AUGUST 27, 2022
"FANTASY" (free online performance)

Michael performs Malcolm Arnold's Fantasy for Solo Bassoon at Contemporary Calgary Art Gallery.
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

April 9, 2022

Michael has now recorded all of Weisssenborn's marvelous Trios on Youtube. Thanks for watching and listening!
To watch any (or all) of the 6 trios in their entirety, just click here!

April 9, 2022
"THE FIRST DANCE WITH THE BELOVED" (free online performance)

THE FIRST DANCE WITH THE BELOVED (Trio No. 2, Op. 4 by Julius Weissenborn-Polonaise)
This marvelous trio completes our recordings of Julius Weissenborn's 6 masterpieces for 3 bassoons. It's a marvelous dance with a romantic interlude in the middle. In this piece, I imagine a splendid ballroom with an elegant Polonaise inspiring people to dance. Across the room a young couple spy each other from a distance as the music continues to play. In the middle of the evening the couple meet in the courtyard and a quiet romantic exchange takes place as a lovely ballad plays. Words and embraces are exchanged, then an interruption happens and the lively polonaise resumes whisking the couple back to the ballroom where they joyfully have their first dance together. I hope you enjoy this classic piece of chamber music for bassoons!
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

March 19, 2022
"THE HUMORIST'S LAST HOUR" (free online performance)

FUNERAL MARCH: THE HUMORIST'S LAST HOUR (Trio No. 6, Op. 4 by Julius Weissenborn -Langsam, aber nicht schleppend)
Welcome to Weissenborn's Bassoon Trio No. 6. One will notice that this piece has a rather tragic title ("Funeral March, The Humorist's Last Hour"). The music may be solemn, but given the composer's personality (revealed in the earlier trios) and the fact that it is scored for 3 bassoons, the piece cannot help but sound good natured and well, funny. It was a pleasure to play and record!
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

March 5, 2022
"TEA-TIME DANCE IN THE COUNTRY MANOR" (free online performance)

TEA-TIME DANCE IN THE COUNTRY MANOR (Trio No. 3, Op. 4 by Julius Weissenborn -Poco andante con eleganza)
As we watch and play Weissenborn's bassoon trios, we now arrive at Trio No. 3. I think we are all discovering that these are interesting and fun works that reveal a composer with a refined sense of humor. The Polka (Trio No. 3) is a great example of this. It's an elegant but very funny little piece which is a pure delight. Please enjoy.
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

February 19, 2022
"DANCE IN THE VILLAGE PUB" (free online performance)

DANCE IN THE VILLAGE PUB (Trio No. 4, Op. 4 by Julius Weissenborn - Scherzo alla mazurka)
My project to record all 6 of Weissenborn's bassoon trios continues on! As with all bassoon trios, this piece has a hidden surprise. The image of an intoxicated musician collapsing in the street and being taken away for dead.
To find out all about this, and to watch and listen to this performance click here!

February 11, 2022
"SERENADE" (free online performance)

SERENADE (Trio No. 1, Op. 4 by Julius Weissenborn - Praeludium, Figured Chorale, Finale)
Our newest mini-concert features the Serenade by Julius Weissenborn written for 3 bassoons. A great piece of chamber music and lots of fun for people who like listening to the bassoon. The piece ends with variations on a lovely and gentle melody in the "Finale" that reminds the listener of the Finales from Brahms Symphony No. 1 and Beethoven's epic "Choral" Symphony No. 9. The variations build to a truly splendid and triumphant ending.
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

January 28, 2022
"DI QUELLA PIRA" (free online performance)

Di Quella Pira! (From Verdi's IL TROVATORE)
Back in 1988 I was playing in the pit for a production of Giuseppe Verdi's great Il Trovatore. As splendid as this opera is to listen to, it is not the most engaging thing for a second bassoonist to play (I remember sending a lot of time playing whole notes and counting rests…). Though my part may have been dull, I do remember one moment of the opera that I found to be quite thrilling. The rousing tenor aria "Di Quella Pira": A two minute thrill ride that occurs at the end of the 3rd act. In it, Manrico (the opera's hero and title character) learns that his beloved mother is about to be burned at the stake. Manrico then gathers his soldiers and sings of how they will save his mother from her death. My favorite line is when he orders his enemies to put out this fire or he will quench the flames with their blood. An overwrought sentiment, but very operatic and fabulous all the same. At the time, I was so taken with this aria that I decided to arrange it for the most absurd ensemble in existence that I knew of: A bassoon trio. 34 years later, with our pandemic raging on, I've decided to dig this arrangement out of the archives and play it for you today for fun! Enjoy!
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

December 21, 2021
"HAPPY HOLIDAYS" (free online performance)

Caro Gesu Bambino
Friends, today, I send you the warmest of my holiday greetings with a performance of one of the loveliest Christmas songs that I know. One day in late 2010, I was watching TV with my mom, and while we were channel surfing, we stumbled across a PBS special on which Andrea Bocelli was singing Caro Gesu Bambino with David Foster at the piano. I knew instantly that I had to include it in my repertoire! (Some songs just get you like that - please enjoy).
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

October 2, 2021
"FEROCIOUS FINALE" (free online performance)

Finale from Mozart's Serenade in Eb K. 375
Friends, welcome to this FEROCIOUS FINALE of Mozart's Serenade in Eb K. 375! (presented in it's original version for wind sextet) This performance has everything; Clarinet pyrotechnics, triumphant horn calls, and the chuckles of jolly bassoons. The only thing missing are the plaintive and dreary sighs of oboe players, so despondent to be left out of this superior version of Mozart's glorious masterpiece… My great colleagues from The Calgary Philharmonic, Slavko Popovic and Laurie Matiation are awesome in this 3½ minute musical joyride.
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

August 21, 2021
"MIDSUMMER ADAGIO" (free online performance)

Adagio from Mozart's Serenade in Eb K. 375
Friends for this week's mini-concert, we offer a seductive Adagio which in melody, harmony, and instrumental resource, holds a place amongst Mozart's finest inspirations. This is a special performance as we present it in Mozart's original sextet instrumentation of 2 clarinets, 2 horns and 2 bassoons. (Mozart later added 2 oboes in an Octet version) Apologies of course to all of our esteemed oboe playing friends....
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

August 15, 2021
"SOME ENCHANTED EVENING" (free online performance)

Some Enchanted Evening by Rodgers and Hammerstein
Friends for this week's mini-concert, please enjoy this 3 minute visit to the glorious South Pacific for a performance of “the greatest song ever written for a musical” (according to Andrew Lloyd Webber). Joining me for this mini-concert are my friends Ingrid Mapson, Matthew Heller on the bass and Matthew Atkins on the drums.
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

August 8, 2021
"FLUTE TREAT" (free online performance)

Kummer: Rondo Allegretto from Trio Opus 42
For this week's mini-concert, Slavko Popovic and I are delighted to showcase our great colleague Sarah MacDonald on the flute! Kaspar Kummer's Rondo Allegretto (from Trio Op. 42) is a flute showpiece that displays all of the fun and glorious things this instrument can do. Please enjoy this piece of delightful and charming music!
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

July 31, 2021
"SONG OF THE FOREST" (free online performance)

Aubade Sylvestre (Song of the Forest) & Minueteropo by Claude Lapalme
For this week's mini-concert, I want to invite you to enjoy 2 beautiful pieces written for solo bassoon by Claude Lapalme. These pieces came from a gift that Claude made to the musician community in 2020 when the pandemic began. To lift musicians from their “pandemic blues” he offered (without compensation) to write short solo pieces to whoever requested them. In 24 hours he received 58 commissions and completed them all within 12 weeks! Two of these pieces were thankfully written for solo bassoon. Many thanks to the Mountain View Festival for presenting this mini-concert on their Isolation Point Concert Series!
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

July 24, 2021
THE PRAYER (free online performance)

The Prayer by David Foster
Please enjoy this presentation of The Prayer, a breathtaking song, beloved for it's gorgeous melody and hopeful message for a better world. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful vocal duets ever written. Joining me is my wonderful colleague Ingrid Mapson, along with flutist Sarah Gieck MacDonald and pianist Cody Obst (who perform so beautifully on the background track!).
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

July 17, 2021
"BEL CANTO" (free online performance)

3 Italian Opera Arias (arr. for 2 Clarinets and Bassoon)

1) "Ah! Non credea mirarti" from La Sonnambula (V. Bellini)
2) "Ma dall’arido stelo divulsa" from Un ballo in Maschera (G. Verdi)
3) "Una voce poco fa" from The Barber of Seville (G. Rossini)
In Italian, the words “Bel canto” mean “beautiful song”. Musically this term refers to an Italian vocal technique that emphasizes beauty of sound and brilliance of performance. This week’s mini concert features all of that in a presentation of 3 great arias from the grand masters of Italian opera - Bellini, Verdi and Rossini! In this trilogy of melodies you’ll hear of love, sadness and finally mischief and humour. We hope this music brings joy and feeling to your days.
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

July 3, 2021
"SUMMER ROMANCE" (free online performance)

Schubert: Romanze from the opera "Die Verschworenen"
Schubert wrote this little opera (a "Singspiel") in 1823. The 2nd song is a lovely Romance in which a forlorn newlywed sings with sadness because they are missing their beloved who has gone off to fight a crusade. Originally composed for Soprano, Clarinet and piano. ("Ich Schleiche bang und still herum..." ) we decided to have even more fun with it by transcribing it for Solo Clarinet, Baritone voice and a quartet of clarinets and bassoons!
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

June 20, 2021
"SUMMER SERENADE" (free online performance)

(Mozart Serenade No. 11 in Eb K. 375 - Allegro Maestoso)
Friends, this week we proudly celebrate the arrival of summer with our grandest project yet; the combination of not two, not three, but six different instrumental voices all recorded safely and separately and brought together with the magic of the internet. Mozart composed this serenade in 1781, and it was first performed in Vienna on October 15 of that year. It was originally scored for pairs of clarinets, horns, and bassoons; Mozart later revised the work, adding a pair of oboes. On November 3, 1781, Mozart wrote to his father from Vienna: "At eleven o'clock last night I was serenaded by two clarinets, two horns and two bassoons playing my own music. them, and when they had formed in the courtyard, they gave me, just as I was about to undress for bed, the most delightful surprise in the world with the opening E flat chord". Clearly Mozart was as delighted by this piece as I have always been since I was a teenager. I hope you're delighted with it too.
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

June 12, 2021
"TURKISH MARCH" (free online performance)

TURKISH MARCH (Weissenborn Trio for three bassoons # 5)
Friends, In German this rollicking march is named "Mitternächtliche Wachtparade" or The Midnight Parade of the Guard. When I listen to it, I imagine the spooky creatures who patrol the Wicked Witch's castle in The Wizard of Oz. It is the fifth of six wonderful trios written for bassoons by pedagogue Julius Weissenborn. (1837-1888) Weissenborn wrote the famous "Practical Method for Bassoon" a learning manual that practically every bassoon player on the planet has had to study since it was published in 1885. He was also the principal bassoonist of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra from 1857 – 1887. His Six Trios for 3 Bassoons (Opus 4) have been delighting audiences and bassoonists for over a century. This funny piece highlights everything that is goofy and outrageous about the bassoon, and I get to play all three parts!
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

"GRAZIOSO"... " (free online performance)
Andante Grazioso from Trio Opus 32 by Kasper Kummer
This week's mini-concert is a presentation of grace, smoothness and elegance (the definition of the lovely Italian word "Grazioso"). We hope you enjoy this gentle little woodwind trio from Sarah, Michael and Slavko.

Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

"GOETHE & COMPANY!"... " (free online performance)
3 Mozart songs arranged for clarinets and bassoon by Roe Goodman
This week's mini-concert is all about music and poetry! Last week, Slavko and I were hanging out with a couple of our brainy buddies, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (perhaps the greatest German literary figure of all time), and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (perhaps the greatest classical music composer of all time) It was such a fun time that we decided that we wanted to share some of the music and sentiments that these two iconic dudes formed together. Mozart wrote about 30 songs over his life. Several were set to poems by Goethe, and all of them represented different shades of Mozart's developing genius. Unlike Goethe's "Faust", these poems seem silly and lighthearted. But they do contain clever messages hidden in their subtexts. "Das Veilchen" (The Violet) is one of those poems. After the Mozart/Goethe song is what is perhaps one of Mozart's most wonderful and mysterious melodies, "Abendempfindung" (Evening Thoughts) We'll let the words and music speak for themselves. We end our set with the Mozart's ridiculous "Warnung" which is all about silly men who should not be spoiling their appetites, themselves or anybody else. (N.B. we've included the poetry and translations subtitled with the music )

Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

"DIVERTIMENTO!"... " (free online performance)
Divertimento for Clarinet and Bassoon by Stefan De Haan
Friends, one evening this spring, Slavko Popovic (Principal Clarinet of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra) was having a conversation with Stephen D Franse (Retired Principal Bassoonist of the CPO) about the online video recordings of clarinet/bassoon duets he'd been making with me. "You know what?" Steve said, "You guys should record this..." and handed Slavko a copy of Stefan De Haan's Divertimento. Slavko and I had never heard of this piece before, but Steve first played it 45 years ago and holds it high esteem. Given Steve's sophisticated tastes in music, it is no surprise that this piece is an unknown gem. Unlike most divertimenti, it begins with a serious tone before it evolves slowly but surely into the playfulness for which all divertimenti are known and loved. We thank Steve for his suggestion and dedicate this performance of it to him in recognition of his artistry and the beautiful legacy of his 38 years as Principal Bassoonist of the Calgary Philharmonic.
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

May 15,2021
"SONG FOR A SWINGIN' LOVER... " (free online performance)

I've Got You Under My Skin by Cole Porter
Friends, this week's mini-concert is a presentation of one of Cole Porter's great masterpieces; The most popular song ever recorded by Frank Sinatra and a piece of music that is the epitome of lyrics and melody forming musical perfection. Our version of this song doesn't swing the way Sinatra's does (nobody's could, of course) but it's an intimate version that presents the sultry lyrics in a way that gives me shivers. Joining me is my great friend Matt Heller on the bass.
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

May 9,2021
"ALLEGRO! " (free online performance)

Allegro from Trio Opus 32 by Kaspar Kummer
Recently, my great friend and flute colleague Sarah MacDonald texted me saying “I’ve been practicing like crazy and I’m in great shape, for no reason” (a common lament amongst pandemic-ridden musicians) “Can I play something with you guys?” “Can you ever, please do.” I replied. “Let’s do the Kummer Trio!” Slavko Popovic added. And so, the rest is history. Kaspar Kummer (1795-1870) was a German flutist, professor and composer. He taught himself the flute while learning violin, horn, trumpet, clarinet, bassoon, oboe, cello and double bassoon. While playing these instruments, he wrote over 150 works. One of the most delightful is the 1st movement from his Trio, Opus 32. Enjoy!
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

May 8,2021
"I BELIEVE " (free online performance)

I Believe (Song by Eric Levi)
Friends, for this week's concert, we present a truly beautiful song which is all about our hope for world peace and better days in the future. The words and music warm my heart. Joining me on this performance is my great colleagues Michelle Todd along with Sarah MacDonald on the flute. Playing the piano on our background track is the great Cody Obst.
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

May 1,2021
"CHARM AND DELIGHT " (free online performance)

Four brief interludes by Bernard H. Garfield
For this week's mini concert, Slavko and I are honouring my wise and spunky bassoon professor with a piece filled with as much charm and delight as you'll ever hear. This month, composer, teacher and Philadelphia Orchestra bassoonist Bernard H. Garfield will celebrate his 97th birthday. To honour Mr. Garfield and his legacy of musicianship, Michael and Slavko are proud to present his FOUR BRIEF INTERLUDES for Clarinet and Bassoon.
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

April 24, 2021
"SUBLIME " (free online performance)

Adagio Cantabile from Johann Sobeck's Trio Op.20 For this week's mini concert, Slavko Popovic and I are joined by our Elegant-Lady-Rockstar from the CPO's woodwind section Jocelyn Colquhoun! The three of us will play the beautiful Adagio Cantabile by Johann Sobeck. Sobeck was a Czech/Bohemian composer and clarinetist living mostly in the 19th century. He left behind a lovely handful of pieces written for woodwind instruments. Adagio Cantabile means "slow and sublime in a singing style". We hope you find peace and composure in this beautiful music.
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

April 16, 2021
"DÉJÀ VU… " (free online performance)

Rodgers and Hart's "Where or When" If you're lucky, you don't just fall in love once in your life, you fall in love many, many times. And if you're really lucky, most of those times happen with the same person. Here's a song about a lovely sense of déjà vu describing what it feels like to fall in love all over again. This week, I'm joined by my great colleague, bassist Matthew Heller from the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. Watch for his mesmerizing and smoky solo in the middle of this performance.
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

April 9, 2021
"LICKETY-SPLIT" (free online performance)

Rondo (by Ignaz Pleyel) for 2 clarinets and bassoon. For those of you in a hurry, this weekend's mini-concert might be just perfect. In fact, the whole thing is over in less than 3 delightful minutes filled with virtuosity, humour and vivaciousness! "Rondo" is an Italian word that means round. A rondo is an instrumental form with a refrain that keeps coming back. Unlike the verses of a song, though, the music in a rondo changes between each repetition of the refrain. This Rondo is played at Slavko Popovic's exhilarating tempo of almost 156 beats per minute. It's fun to hear him play that fast and even funner to hear Michael try and keep up with him! Please enjoy.
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

April 2, 2021
"PARTY IN PARIS" (free online performance)

Poulenc's Sonata for Clarinet and Bassoon (1922) This week's mini concert celebrates Paris with a rollicking piece filled with humour, romance and musical audacity. While listening to it, we invite you to imagine yourself in "Gaie Paris" with its art, fashion, gastronomy and culture! There's even an intimate romantic encounter in the middle of this high-spirited piece. Francis Poulenc wrote this miniature sonata in the roaring 20's in Paris. It received its world premiere where else? - at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées. Clarinet players love this piece for its irreverent character and lovely Parisian melodies. Bassoon players curse this piece for its fiendish difficulty. (All in fun, of course!) Please enjoy one of the gems of French woodwind chamber music.
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

March 30, 2021
"LOVE'S WARM CARESS" (free online performance)

Pianissimo (by Mauro Malavasi) In the fall Andrea Bocelli and Cecelia Bartoli released this brand-new duet which is all about how an enlightened couple feel the eternal love of nature and the heavens flowing through their romantic relationship. It's a beautiful song composed in a minimalistic style inspired by Erik Satie. My fabulous singing partner, Michelle Todd and I are so happy to share our version of it with you! We hope you enjoy our continuing Pandemic series of mini-concerts, which this week has the added feature of subtitles and, of course, a bassoon solo…
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March 20, 2021
"A WALK IN THE PARK" (free online performance)

Andante Op. 20, No. 2 by Ignaz Pleyel. This weekend marks the first day of Spring and Slavko Popovic and I want to celebrate with you by sharing music perfect for a spring walk. In Italian, "Andante" indicates that a piece should be played "at a walking tempo" not too slow, not too fast, and very gently. In 1980 Abba released "Andante, Andante" in which a young lover asks their partner the following "Take it easy with me, please,. Touch me gently like a summer evening breeze. Take your time, make it slow"… With these spring-like thought in mind, please enjoy our Andante just for you.
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March 13, 2021
"PANDEMIC LOVE" (free online performance)

On My Own from Les Misérables. In this weekend's mini concert, Ingrid Mapson and I re-imagine this famous song from "Les Mis" as a lonesome duet about two solitary people wishing for love while they are in isolation. With this music we send our warmest wishes to those in quarantine. This recording of On My Own is iconic as it is the probably the first one to ever feature a bassoon solo!
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

March 6, 2021
"EVERYTHING BUT THE KITCHEN SINK!" (free online performance)

For this week's mini-concert Michael and CPO Principal Clarinetist, Slavko Popovic present an awesome display of 19th Century woodwind virtuosity with the famous Trio Op. 20 No. 2, by Ignaz Pleyel. Slavko has safely recorded his parts in his kitchen and as you will hear, he throws everything but the kitchen sink into his playing! Michael does his very best keeping up with him!
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

February 27, 2021
"WICKEDLY GOOD" (free online performance)

This week's mini-concert is a performance of one of my favourite songs, For Good ( from "Wicked") Joining me is Ingrid Mapson for this duet. The audio track is played by Cody Obst (piano) and Megan Singer (viola). I love this song because it's about anyone who has made a difference in your life. It's perhaps the most beautiful song I know which is built on the theme of friendship. Plus, the ingenious double entendre of the last line is one of the most brilliant displays of lyrical wordplay that I have ever seen. Please enjoy :)
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

February 20, 2021
"LIEDER OF THE PACK" (free online performance)

In German the word "lieder" means "songs", and of all the great classical composers, probably no one wrote lovelier songs and melodies then Franz Schubert (think, Ave Maria, The Unfinished Symphony, or any of the 630 "lieder" that he wrote during his short life). This weekend's virtual mini-concert features many of those beautiful Schubert melodies contained in his Trio D. 471 in Bb. Originally composed for string trio, we are happy to play it for you in a unique and enchanting arrangements for woodwinds.
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

February 13-14, 2021
"MOZART IN LOVE" (free online performance)

For Valentine's weekend 2021, our latest mini-concert is our presentation of Mozart's lovely Menuetto and Rondo from his Divertimento No. 3. This the final segment of our Mozart Divertimento series. Woodwind players all over will tell you that these Mozart pieces form some of the best memories of their careers and are filled with nothing but enjoyment and fun. Perfect to celebrate the joy of love! Please enjoy!
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

February 9, 2021
"SONGBIRD" (free online performance)

Friends, for this mini-concert please enjoy "Songbird", a song Fleetwood Mac. This is a special duet performance with my lovely friend, Ingrid Mapson. This setting is originally from Ingrid's album Rhythm's of Your Heart. The audio piano track is beautifully arranged and played by Roy Tan. When I heard Ingrid sing this song on her album, I fell in love with it right away. (even though up until that point, I had never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would one day become enamored with a Fleetwood Mac song...) So I wrote Ingrid and asked if she's be willing to sing it as a duet version with me. I was so thrilled when she agreed!
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

February 6, 2021
"A WORLD PREMIERE" (free online performance)

Friends, for this mini-concert, I am deeply proud to present the World Premiere of FIVE EXCHANGES by Christopher Weait. CPO Clarinettist, Slavko Popovic and I started virtually performing pieces for clarinet and bassoon in 2021. British/Canadian/American composer Christopher Weait heard one of our concerts on the internet and wrote to me asking if we'd be interested in premiering this intriguing work. We were only too happy to say yes, and got to work on it right away!
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

January 30, 2021
"DVORÁK, LIGHT AND MELLOW" (free online performance)

Hello Friends! Today we present a Bagatelle (by Dvorák, Opus 47. No. 1). Wikipedia describes a Bagatelle as "a short unpretentious instrumental composition…usually of a light mellow character” David Sussman, Slavko Popovic and I all hope you enjoy this arrangement for clarinet, oboe and bassoon.
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

January 25, 2021
"OLÉ!" (free online performance)

Friends, Hola and bienvenido! Welcome to a taste of Spain. This week's mini-concert is a hot arrangement of Manuel de Falla's SPANISH DANCE NO. 1 from his Opera La Vida Breve! Again, Slavko Popovich and I have recorded this in a responsible and safe manner (each recording our own parts in our own houses, then using the miracles of technology to put them together. Please enjoy and… Olé!
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

January 18, 2021
"ADAGIO" (free online performance)

Our next video shares a little bit of peace and solitude. The term “Adagio” is derived from the Italian words “ad & agio” which means “at leisure”. In music, an adagio marking gently asks musicians to play with generous amounts of grace and serenity. Please enjoy - Warmest winter wishes to you all.
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

January 11, 2021
"MOZART DIVERTIMENTO" (free online performance)

The next video in our Remote Listening series is a couple of movements from Mozart's "Divertimento No. 3 in Bb Major". The term Divertimento is derived from the Italian word "divertire", which means "to amuse or divert". My friend (and great clarinet colleague) Slavko Popovic and I hope that this charming music will do just that with you, as we enter these winter months. This is Part 1 of a Mozart Video series, as we present the first 2 of 5 Movements in this Divertimento. Stay tuned, as Slavko and I will release the other movements in the near future!
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

January 4, 2021
"BELATED BIRTHDAY BEETHOVEN" (free online performance)

Happy New Year Friends! Today I'm celebrating the new year by sharing some Beethoven with you. Happy 251st Ludwig! Here's a beautiful set of Variations for clarinet and bassoon. I'm joined by my great colleague and friend Slavko Popovic (principal clarinettist of the CPO). Slavko also has the distinction of being the only other graduate of The Curtis Institute of Music who plays in the CPO. I'm proud to have gone to the same school as Slavko, and proud to have him as a colleague in the CPO's Woodwind section.
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December 27, 2020
"BASSANGO" (free online performance)

Our latest mini-concert is an intimate studio performance of Mathieu Lussier's "Bassango".
This sultry tango was originally composed for four bassoon players. However, for this performance, I play all four parts myself and combine them for this unique presentation!
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

September 3, 2020
"THE MOZART EFFECT" (free online performance)

Our latest mini-concert is a special performance that we're hoping will trigger within you what is famously known as “The Mozart Effect” (this is the cool phenomenon whereby the more Mozart you listen to, the smarter you get). To try this out, take a watch/listen to our performance of the 1st movement from Mozart’s Sonata (K. 292) for bassoon and ‘cello. Mozart wrote it in Munich in 1775. In this special presentation, we present it in a cool and epic version played with double bass. (compliments to our good friend Matthew Heller for navigating the ‘cello part with such great musicianship and élan). Hopefully after listening to this you’ll feel, well, smarter!
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

August 26, 2020
"COME WHAT MAY" (free online performance)

This week’s mini-concert is a special performance with my new friend, Ingrid Mapson. Together we’re performing the lovely duet called “Come What May” (from the film Moulin Rouge) I’ve always loved this song and really had a great time recording it in this casual (and really fun) home project with Ingrid, who (as you’ll hear) has a splendid voice and a real love for making music. Ingrid sings with symphonies all over country and has a wonderful album called "Rhythms of Your Heart"
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

August 19, 2020
"ALL ABOUT THAT BASS" (free online performance)

Summertime and the livin’ is easy! I hope you’ve been enjoying the tropical weather we’ve been having lately and staying cool! This week’s summer mini-concert is super fun. Meghan Trainor’s iconic “All About That Bass” This hit song was a chart topping phenomenon and one of the most engaging and toe-tapping songs written in the 21st century! Our version features a spectacular bass solo by the amazing Matt Heller. (It is in fact, all about that bass...)
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

August 9, 2020
BEETHOVEN'S "MINUET in G" (free online performance)

To celebrate Beethoven's 250th birth year, Matt Heller and Michael perform Beethoven's charming classic Minuet. This is a fun little piece and can be viewed in less 2.5 minutes! Matt and I like it because while Beethoven seemed to be in a pretty serious mood most of the time, this piece shows that he could write a lot of pretty cheerful stuff too.
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

August 2, 2020
GEORGE GERSHWIN'S "SLAP THAT BASS" (free online performance)

Matt Heller and Michael perform "Slap That Bass", a classic novel song by George and Ira Gershwin.
This song was recently featured in the hit film "The Joker"!
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

July 25, 2020
"VARIATIONS ON HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU"(free online performance)

Michael performs variations on "the most widely performed song in the English Speaking World"
with CPO bassist Matthew Heller.
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

July 19, 2020
"BESAME MUCHO"(free online performance)

Michael sings "Besame Mucho" with CPO bassist Matthew Heller.
Watch and listen to this performance by clicking here!

June 2020
"RHAPSODY "(free online performance)


In June of 2020, Michael made his debut performing online for the Mountain View Music Festival. The program, "RHAPSODY" features works by J.S. Bach and Wilsson Osborne for solo bassoon.

You can view this recital for free by clicking here!

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Crisis and Health Regulations from the Province of Alberta, all of Michael's live performances have been temporarily postponed. Watch this site for updates on Michael's performance schedule and the resumption of Michael's live concerts.



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